¿Es Bueno? ¡Si!

¿Es Bueno? ¡Si!

Once again, my plan to impersonate Fraser Young was foiled. Yes, the stage was set at the Riv with him hosting, but with the others from Clambake in tow, hard to manage.

We were second on the bill, after a duo that staged a fight between a supposed civilian (who was actually the frontman of Calcu-Lator & The Oral Presentation) and comic Sandra Battaglini (you try pronouncing it). Made the audience, who was mostly the family and friends of Rankin, really quiet. I guess their acting was too good.

Started the set with ‘Nipples’ to finally put it to bed. But lo and behold, third time’s the charm. Either we owe Rankin’s family a big cheque or the sketch is funny. Dave as Morpheus in Matrix…priceless.

We’ll let you know when the next one is. I mean, why should the Rankin’s suffer alone?

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